Installation notes: – The downloaded archive “FS19_HofBergmann_Map_AIO_Pack_v1_0_0_6.rar” must first be extracted with 7zip or Winrar. – All mod files have to be copied into your mod folder except for the changelog text. (Please all, too, since the latest versions of the vehicles are always included in the pack) Für alle, die den error mit der Meldung E:/Downloads/FS19_SiloDisplays/shaders/fillIconEmissiveShader.xml’.) in der log haben. Der versteckt sich in der “fs19_hofbergmann/hud/siloDisplayIcon_materialHolder.i3d” datei, diese mit notepad++ öffnen und die zeile komplett löschen. diesen shader hat er eine zeile drüber bereits in die karte eingebunden und den aufruf vergessen zu entfernen in besagter zeile Here you can download the Hof Bergmann Mod Map for Farming Simulator 19 (the download link is below.) Attention! You will be redirected to a page after clicking on the download button (ReLink-mySad). There RIGHT UP down a clock down – is this zero is there “Skip advertising”. Please click on it and start the download now. There are so many changes and fixes going on that we can’t write about everything. That’s why we’ve made a PDF document with all of the changelog: Click here to download it. We always use the modder’s original download link when possible.

Please let us know if there’s a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outside Giants’ Modhub. Info: You will receive hotfixes for major problems promptly. Larger updates of the map take 1-2 months. I would like to thank my team for the great support! Please, consider that this is the 1. Map release for FS19 from me. and who followed me in previous FS Games knows that you can expect more things in the following updates.

The Map comes as a All In One Pack, that means you need to unpack the downloaded Folder first. I am having this same problem. Any hose I try to buy says that it is is blocked when trying to purchase. I even tried the purchase delivery mod to deliver at my farm with the same error. Really enjoying this map, and would like to know how to fix this. I just downloaded the latest version (1.0062). Thanks. >>>… of-bergmann-map/#versions <<< Thanks for the developer who does not explain how to install this Map. Why doesn’t the Hof Bergamann mod work in some players? When you download the mod and you open the file: Incorrect file. I think there is a lot of discrimination on the part of this developer. I’m disappointed and angry.

There is no explanation on his part and gets regrettable. vllt kann mir einer helfen und zwar habe ich mir diese datei gedownloadet 9.1/ mein problem ist wo füge ich sie ein.. wie kann ich denn die map so downloaden dass es im ls19 auch anzeigt – überflüssige Datei beim Ford Transit entfernt, fixt die Meldung am Dedi Server (Space character not recommended in filename: `vehicles/fordTransit/fordTransit_diffuse – – Silo Display Script aktuallisiert (Ein zufälliger Fehler wurde behoben, durch den einige Benutzer das Spiel nicht korrekt beenden konnten. ) (THX to GTX/ANDY) – New small production branch, cooper (barrel maker) installed. Here it is possible to deliver short logs of up to one meter, the product then being empty wooden barrels for juice production. (serves as an alternative to the wooden barrel that can be bought) Ich hab das Problem, dass ich in der Käserei die Laibe in das Regal einlagere und wenn cih sie wieder rausnehmen will kann ich welche rausnehmen aber die eigentliche Laibe die ich eingelagert habe bleiben im Regal….. Ich könnte unendlich viele laibe duplizieren in order to get the barrels of apple juice into the cellar, they must now be upright. (if the storage does not work right away, the barrel must be turned) – Platzierbare BunkerSilos angepasst, es stehen nun 2 unterschiedliche Silos zur Verfügung eines für Maissilage und eines für Grassilage.